Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragon of Kraków

This is a mixed media collage done for an assignment last year, I've just recently got it back so now I can share it. It is based off a Polish folklore I grew up with.

Once upon a time in Kraków (pronounced Krakoov) lived a fire breathing dragon. The dragon would wreak havoc on the countryside, burn down homes and devour livestock. The King of Kraków wanted the dragon destroyed and offered his daughter Wanda to the first man that would slay the dragon. Many knights died in their attempts at slaying the dragon, they were cooked alive in their own armour by the dragons breath. One day a young and clever shoemaker took up the challenge. With no sword, shield, horse or armour the shoemaker had a plan. Knowing that the dragon would feast on the farm animals the shoemaker brought a sheep from the butcher and sulfur powder from the miners. He stuffed the sheep with sulfur, sewed it back up and offered it to the dragon. The dragon consumed the sheep and began to suffer from the incendiary reaction. His stomach grew larger and hotter so he drank from the river but the water did not help. The dragons stomach burst with an immense bang and Kraków was saved. The shoemaker married the princess and they lived happily ever after.

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