Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Juicy Update

I’ve been fortunate enough, along with a group of super talented classmates to participate in a show themed Canadian Female Heroines “home girls” at Pentimento Fine Art gallery in Toronto.

Hazel McCallion is currently serving her 12th consecutive term as Mayor of Mississauga. Although she is 90 years old and barely five feet tall she is known as “Hurricane Hazel” the fast acting no non-sense Mayor that has been turning the rural landscape of Mississauga into a thriving city centre since 1978. Hazel’s political achievements have gained world renown and a membership in The Order of Canada, As a former player for a professional female hockey team in Montreal, Hazel has never stopped carrying her skates in the trunk of her car and still comes out on the ice with stick and puck. Several years ago while crossing the street she was hit by a truck, walked away with barely an injury while the truck was sent in for repair. She is Hurricane Hazel, an absolute Canadian Heroine.

On opening night of the show the neighbourhood will vote for their favourite piece which will then be blown up to a 10’x16’ mural and put on the wall for one year. Maybe a portrait of this ideal Mayor from the city next door will set an example for that guy they have running the city right now..

Also wanted to show off one of my many awesome gifts I got for my birthday this year.
Alysha got me this beautiful edition of Voltaire's Candide, art directed and illustrated by genius Chris Ware.

..and finally another illustration, done back in May for a friends birthday. Derek is pretty much a militant atheist- darwinist -evolutionist etc, so I thought it fitting to make a picture for him depicting the battle between science and religion.

The archetypal significance of a black bird is that it uses its song to put a hypnotic hold over others, they can move and communicate between unseen worlds and are known to have taken their entranced listeners to the otherworld. The black bird is in a constant battle with the stoic stag beetle, officially nicknamed "Darwin's Beetle" when first discovered by Charles Darwin in South America.

" This is our Universe, our museum of wonder and beauty, our cathedral."
Physicist John Archibald Wheeler


  1. I would love to see more work of yours! You mention being a multimedia wouldn't by any chance have any other sort of work out there on the web, would you? :P
    Either way, I see you have a vast collection of work. I prefer the more surreal works, along with the thematically powerful: say, "an elaborate melody", as the toad separates himself from the rest of the world, he cares not if at the distance the world may rot. For me, this carries a sort of philosophical meaning. But I tend to do that :P
    Even cowboy, with it's little manipulations, could be seen as a mockery of the stereotype: no guns existed, they were just part of the fantasy, and the real face of the person was overshadowed by that of the cowboy, the stereotype.
    I would wonder, is your work done in real mediums or in the computer? I got confused, seeing pictures of the canvas of "cowboy"
    Anyway, fantastic work! Hope to see more!

  2. Hey, thank you for taking the time to write. Between deviant art and this blog that is pretty much all that is out there. But I am entering my final year of school and will likely have a professional site with plenty of new stuff up within the next year. I also appreciate your insight into those pieces, the frog piece is old and the visual is outdated compared to my recent work but the concept is still there. As for the cowboy, you reacted just how I intended the viewer to. I work with any media that gets the job done, in many cases I will take a full traditional piece into the computer and tinker with it, or like with the cowboy, due to time constraints I rely on photoshop as a tool that saves me time. Thank you again for your thoughts, I appreciate it.

  3. You are welcome! :D I find that artists nowadays tend to be subject of mockery because of their use of the internet and those sorts, just because it provides an easy way to get atention. I see it the other way around :P
    I have noticed you sketch a lot! Do you then transport it into the canvas, or just let it be?
    And you take photographs! x)
    Hum, I'm not sure how the visual arts world works, but will you integrate an art institution of sorts or?...I'm sorry for the curiosity :P It's just very rarely do I find successful visual artists. And with successful I mean they actually do anything with a purpose.