Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Fred Kennedy (aka "Fearless Fred", "Fred at Night") on my latest piece. Fred commissioned me to contribute to his ongoing comic book project titled Teuton. I was blown away by this unique story which is set in an obscure piece of Eastern European history. Europe's failure to take back, and hold onto the Holy land of Jerusalem had left armies of Christian Crusaders marching back to Europe. As the Pope turned his attention from the Middle-East to the Pagan lands of Lithuania, the Holy Teutonic Order begins their campaign. Teuton isn't a history lesson turned comic, This is Fred's badass depiction of the drama amidst the northern Crusades, gloriously embellished with eastern European mythology.  I highly recommend for anyone to check out Teuton, and take a look at the work in progress of part two, both illustrated by the talented Adam Gorham.

I had the benefit of drawing inspiration from my Polish heritage, as it directly related to the conflicts that took place between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and The Holy Teutonic Order, especially The Battle of Grunwald, which was one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe. For anyone so inclined to zoom in, I inscribed the adventures of the Teutonic Knights into the armour and tabard, beginning with the hand holding the sword. the Pope directs the Christian armies to Jerusalem, as they lose their hold over the holy land they journey back across to Europe, marching their way up the armour towards the Pagan armies and their mythological creatures depicted on the tip of the helm.

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